ND-GAIN 2013 Annual Meeting

Watch the ND-GAIN 2013 Annual Meeting Highlight video!

ND-GAIN’s 2013 Annual Meeting was the premier gathering of domestic and international thought leaders on adaptation. The event was held at the non-partisan Wilson Center, and was attended by leaders from major multinational corporations, NGOs and government agencies who are developing pragmatic solutions to adapt to urbanization, population growth and the changing climate.

The 2013 Annual Meeting sessions focused on risk and opportunity in corporate value chains.  This event included the release of the 2013 ND-GAIN Index rankings and the awarding of the ND-GAIN Corporate Award to leading climate adaptation actors. To view the highlight video, please click here.

To learn more about ND-GAIN, watch this short video describing GAIN’s recent move to the Environmental Change Initiative at the University of Notre Dame.